To my surprise & delight, my good friend Madge Gunia adopted an Arabian 
mare from Horse Protection Association in 2005.  When she told me
about Tsultaya I asked if I could be a partner with her in her care.  The mare
is being very professionally cared for by Janice Hastings at her ranch Almost
Haven.  Janice practices the Parelli method, & even rides the mare for us.
I am beyond the riding stage, having sustained an injury to my knee followed by two major surgeries.  I am now handicapped enough that I have trouble getting around without my cane.
 Madge & I have both run Arabian Horse Farms, along with showing a string of horses & a breeding operation. This of course was in our younger days...
My name for Tsultaya is "Therapy".  Oh how good it is to just look at her!  & then to touch her!!  She senses my disability & allows me to drape my arm over her back for support while I walk by her side leading her.  It has been an experience well worth the cost...As the old saying goes,( "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.")(Winston Churchill)

                                                                Donna L. Wartman

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